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Daily exposure to toxins, stress, and aging are pushing neuroendocrine problems to the forefront. Neuroendocrine health is about rebalancing hormones and the nervous system for optimal function of the body and mind.

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Hi I’m Dr. Brinton.

In my practice people achieve better overall health through treating neuroendocrine issues by the most gentle and effective means possible.

Conditions such as:

  • fatigue, mood disorders, anxiety, poor concentration, memory loss
  • allergies, autoimmune disease
  • weight issues, menopausal symptoms, PMS, menstrual disorders, vulvodynia
  • digestive issues, thyroid and adrenal gland problems
  • Yes, the above conditions and more are often neuroendocrine problems.

Natural Healing Resources
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Natural Healing Resources
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This section is a more in depth look at various neuroendocrine related health issues including diagnostic testing and treatment options.  As I address more conditions, and new research comes to light, more treatment options will be available for your perusal.

Look in your Healing Options Newsletter for more info on this growing section.

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Dr. Brinton combines excellent medical knowledge with a deep respect for the patient's intuition and sense of her/his body. She's a great listener, a kind and warm human being, and an expert in her field. What more could you want? - Carrie Tamburo, Ph.D.

"Dr. Brinton is patient, kind and brilliant.  She identified the real roots of my health problems and helped me figure out the best most healing course of treatment.  She set me up for success in more ways than I could have imagined. I will forever be grateful." - J.I., Redmond, WA

"At first, naturopathy was new and unfamiliar to us. We have since incorporated this into our regular medical regimen through your gentle patience and dedication as well as the success we have seen in many areas." - G. and D. E.